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Search for body turns up $220K in silver bars

Wow, just wow!

Quote :
Court documents filed Friday revealed Muncie police found an estimated $220,000 in silver bars in one of five safes on a northern Delaware County property during the Nov. 5-7 search efforts.

That safe had been stored outside and contained 120 silver bars weighing 100 ounces, and 338 smaller silver bars, each weighing 10 ounces. The total weight of the silver exceeded 950 pounds.

More than 250 items were seized during the search and included more than 100 guns and a large quantity of ammunition.
Wish we had known about this place earlier.
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The feds will ensure that the booty is crime related so they can confiscate it.

I wonder how much they really found ?
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That's a lot of silver. I'm sure the feds are dreaming about how they are going to spend it after confiscating it.
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