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Mr.T Shame on you — why don’t you use that phone to call 911

A SEPTA transit cop struggles with an alleged fare jumper, and it was all caught on camera. It happened at the Cecil B. Moore station near Temple University.

What would you do if you saw a cop getting beat up? Would you call for help? like most people told me they would or take out and record it with your phone? No one would admit that to FOX 29'S Stephanie Esposito on camera, but it happened at a SEPTA train station last week and no one called for help.

"I was horrified I'm frightened for my cops," Chief Thomas Nestel said reacts to surveillance video.

Police said the suspect, Ernest Hays, was avoiding arrest and threw SEPTA police officer Samuel Washington on the ground and then pinned him under a bench.

Officials said he was wanted in connection with a SEPTA ticket scam when Officer Washington stopped him. The chief said not a single SEPTA passenger called for help but this lady did take out her phone to record the fight.

The cashier called for help but didn't see the incident until the officer was on the ground kicking the glass. Passengers at the Cecil B. Moore station in North Philly were surprised no one stepped in

This happened twice last week at Cecil B Moore Station

"To go out every day they work really hard and try to make it easy for people and make people feel safe but they rely on people to help It's starting to take its toll and it's really concerning me," Chief Nestle said.

Officer Washington seen hurt in the video has still not returned to work due to his injuries.

Sep. 25, 2013 11:29am Dave Urbanski

When a Philadelphia transit officer attempted to detain a ticket-scam suspect near a train station platform last week, surveillance video records the suspect turning on the cop and wrestling him to the ground, pinning him between a glass barrier and a bench.

But the video also shows a crowd of at least seven transit customers observing the fight, including one who pulled out her phone to record the incident.

Police say that apparently none of the witnesses made a 911 call.

“You know my immediate thought was ‘Shame on you — why don’t you use that phone to call 911?’” transit police Chief Thomas Nestel told WTXF-TV, referring to the bystander who recorded the fight.

oticed the altercation after the cop was on the ground and kicking the barrier finally called for help.

Notably a similar incident happened at the same train station last week, WTXF reported. And again video captured two plain-clothes officers getting beaten up in front of a much larger crowd at Cecil B. Moore station in north Philadelphia.

When asked by WXTF what they would do in a similar situation, interviewees outside the train station all said they at least would have called 911.

“I’m shocked, shocked,” one woman said in regard to the injured cop, “’cause he’s a human being, too…right?”

“This is the City of Brotherly Love, and this is going on?” another interviewee said. “Crazy.”

Nestel says he’s “horrified” and “frightened” for his officers in the wake of these two incidents. “They go out every day, and they work really hard, and they try to make it safe for people…but they rely on people to help,” he told WTXF. “And we’re not getting that in return, and it’s starting to take its toll, and it’s really concerning me.”

Police say the officer who was pinned under the bench, Samuel Washington, has still not returned to work due to his injuries.
Here’s a report from WTXF-TV:

================================================ comments...

1. There is no way your hiring standards are so weak- that the trained officer wrecked his back. We are talking about a trained officer of the law. 2. Everything is on surveillance cameras- so you had the pics! 3- someone calling in this- would be on some list- the FBI lists folks who the police as to beware of as they could be terrorists- in other words- the 911 caller would have gotten tazed. Look it up. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. Standards are so low- that a simple fight disables a cop- and watch this will be permanent. No one called it in- because they did not want to be tazed, or get their dog shot. People are fed up with cameras everywhere- red light and speed cameras. #NWO #endthefed #ronpaul #alexjones #NSA #prisonplanet #nineteen84 #TSA #VIPER #seesomethingsaysomething #falseflag #drones #randpaul #constitution Every time someone gets a red light ticket fine- that is another one who wont call in a cop beating. Every time a person gets tazed that is a few dozen to hundreds that will no longer phone in a cop beating. Every time someone gets to go thru a seatbelt check point- that is some more people who are not going to phone any bop beatings in. Every time a cop evicts someone for the banks who fraudulated the paper work- that is a whole family who wont call in that beating. Every week that the too big to fail banksters remain un-arrested- that is more folks who will not call it in. When the govt forces obama care- render 1000s who wont call it in. When the govt goes gun grabbing to get rid of the 2nd amendment figure millions who wont call it in! Get a grip on who it is you work for. You no longer work for the man in the street- so the man in the street aint going to phone it in. The good news is- that the elite CEOS are Goldman Sachs, monsanto, halliburton, GE, Bank of America- THOSE guys will phone it is. Rand Paul
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Not helping this cop out turns out to be a good way to make another control freak thug. Now if an unwarranted SWAT raid went bad would I help out a black costumed steroid monster? Maybe not.
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