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Total Semiauto Gun Ban Hidden in Feinstein Bill

Isn't everything the government does now secretive?

It won't pass, unless its a weekend, or holiday, or a night that tv is broadcasting....
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Geez, that's nasty. Well, everything associated with her is. With that analysis, even my carry revolver wouldn't pass muster.

I kind of doubt this thing passes an anything like current form. It will be disemboweled so it doesn't do anything much, yet passed in that form, so both sides can claim victory - the usual political fun and games.

This doesn't just violate the 2nd, but also is a "taking" since it says that you cannot transfer any grandfathered weapon, even to your own children. Even in eminent-domain, the taker has to pay full value for what they take. I haven't seen anyone point that out yet.
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