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The VA

Now generally I can't complain how the VA has treated me, especially compared to some of the other stuff I've seen on T.V. However since I get diabetes it's once again reminded me of my days in Army and how silly things can be. Once I got the diagnosis I bought a meter (fairly cheap even without insurance) test strips (you don't want to pay for without your ins!) got some test samples from the doc till my prescriptions could get filled. Getting them through the VA would be much cheaper for me ($9 vs. $300) The VA however has a different meter than the one I bought and they don't use the same test strips, but they would give me a new meter and I could fill my test meters through them, for about the same price as the others I had. They also don't have the auto injector pens like my doc gave me, so I will have to use the regular needles, not a huge deal for how much I'll be saving and that all this gets mailed to my house too. So I got my new meter on Monday, but no test strips yet. Now my strips for the other meter are out today (thurs.) and they're still not here. Now also my auto pens are low on one kind and out on the other as my insulin arrived today, but yes no needles with it. Wife called the local VA clinic to see if they had any strips or at least one or two needles we could get. They said no! My civilian doc was able to give me another sample of the one I was out of which should last me till my VA stuff gets here, and hopefully it gets here before I run out of the other one, and also my test strips show up too. Those of you that served I'm sure this all sounds very familiar to you. The old days of hurry up and wait, SNAFU, and the 3 ways to do things, 1. the right way. 2. the wrong way 3. the army way!
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Sorry to hear that. The VA's reputation didn't happen in a vacuum. Hope you don't have further hiccups once the train (deliveries) gets rolling.
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As a disabled vet, I quickly realized how awful the VA is at actually provided care on a timely basis. I just paid a private doctor to do a procedure that the VA would have done for free as it was service related. Why? It took a month to schedule it through a private doctor, while it would have taken years to get it done through the VA.
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That's too bad. If I wanted to have anything done more than see a general practitioner, I would have to drive 200 miles, at least before they changed it a few months ago to allow you to go see a local guy if they don't have a VA specialist within 50 miles. I can get my diabetic supplies sent to my door for a fraction of the cost I would have had to pay otherwise. Granted they don't have as many options but for how much I'm saving I'll live with it. I can now also get my eyes checked locally, even if my normal eye doc isn't VA approved, they are sending me to a VA approved one here, who is at the exact same clinic I see the other guy at.

Oh, and thanks for your service and getting gimped up for us all.

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