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Walgreens sucks balls!!

This is beyond infuriating. These incompetent cocksuckers have added eight hours of unnecessary suffering to my already fucked up, miserable. snot ejecting day. How fucking hard is it to check a computer file and see if I have any scripts on fucking HOLD?!?!?!?!?

I call these lame ass tards to see if my cough medicine has been called in.

"No sir, it hasn't been called in, please stop calling us and call your doctor.

OK, I say, so I call my guy, who thank God I play golf with. He calls Walltards and asks what the hell is the problem and is told the script is on hold because my "insurance" won't pay for it. Really!!!!????!! he says, My patient doesn't have insurance!! So, I get a call back from Walltard saying my fucking script for atomic cough syrup [Tussionex] is ready. WTF?!?!?

I'm so fucking mad I could bite a nail in half. I paid 127 bucks for levaquin, and was supposed to have some Goddamn relief from this insidious cough, but....Nooooooo.......your inssssuuuurrrrannnnnce won't pay for it, so we not only won't fucking tell you, we'll go ahead and not say anything, you leave you completely frustrated and in a murderous rage. Guess what Jackass ?!?!?!? I DONt HAVE ANY FUCKING INSURANCE!!!! UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!

Bad plan Gilligan.

NEVER FUCK WITH A SICK MAN. There was a saying in 'Nam that was just as relevant then as it is today, "Never fuck with an injured man, he's more dangerous than a healthy one".

No threats here, just a warning to the 8 dollar an hour schlumps out there serving the public. I'd say.......that's free advice and let it go at that.

Sorry for the [mini] rant. Please continue with you're regularly scheduled programing.
All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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Yes, lack of insurance (because you could buy the friggin outfit with pocket change so you didn't buy insurance) is grounds for terrible treatment - and being overcharged as well.

I've been on the "just let them die" ward in the hospital after a serious injury myself over that one. Thank god my posse showed up and straitened them out, handed them a card from my lawyer and my accountant, and asked those turkeys which one they'd rather be dealing with real soon. (They all worked for me and had a vested interest in my survival). It was kind of difficult for me to explain things to them without a right cheek and a right half of jaw, myself. Just no insurance card in the wallet they pick-pocketed told them all they wanted to know, so they treated me like crap. All they cared about was where the money was going to come from. Imagine a nurse with a clip board full of papers by the bedside asking all those money questions before you're allowed to be treated, and you really can't talk. No answers, no treatment.

But, after a nasty accident with a blown up rifle (bolt tore the right side of my face off), until that happened, I was on a ward, no painkillers, no treatment, holding the side of my face on with a bloody T shirt for 10 hours...with a shattered jaw.

I finally did get good treatment once they were straightened out. But my guys had to buy pain meds from the floor drug dealer nurse to give to the other patients, as the nurses had stolen them to take themselves - a floor full of zombie nurses, it was real obvious (and nice to have witnesses). I wasn't in too much pain - that much damage cuts the nerves, but it was hard to be there with all the other patients screaming till they got the meds we paid for them to get (again). I'm sure they were billed for them too.

Needless to say - don't fuck with a hurt guy who can buy the ward with pocket change, even if he does show up dressed like a bum (it was the weekend). And yes, they did deal with my lawyer, and we won HARD. I paid the surgeon and gas passer out of pocket - cheap. The hospital paid me to settle out of court and not take it on the local news channels, as we could have taken the whole outfit down. Before that, when discussing the ridiculous bill for non-treatment, they even admitted to me that insurance companies pay far less (around 40%) - they have negotiating power, and they make it up ripping off the rest of us. Carillon is the name of the outfit, should you be about to be in their clutches. Avoid.

There's something to be said for having a sharp lawyer on the other phone when people say things like that...

True story and I have pictures, but they are far too gory to post up here, even if you hate my guts. Or maybe especially, as some are showing in them.

This has to change. Someone pointed out on BBurg today that if health "care" costs keep going up at the current rate, they will be 100% of GDP in a few years. They think, hey, it's your life, we can charge as we please and are entitled to anything we want as a result of some half forgotten arcane knowledge and ownership of a license to kill.

Not in my book. I since have found a doctor that works for barter - and she needed a lot of computer work done...nice deal.
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FYI - Walgreens does have a "Presciption Savings Club" that gives you discounts on presciptions meds:

If you are buying a lot of presciption meds throughout a year, it might be cost effective.
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Yeah, the Wife already has that. The Levaquin was a hundred and twenty seven dollars. I nearly peed my pants on that. The cough syrup was thirty five,, but only because I got generic. Had I got brand name it would have been over ninety clams.

What a rip off. The reason Levaquin is so ecpensive is.........drum roll please........because they can. Yup, if I lived in Costa Rica, the same quantity of pills would have only been twenty five bucks.
All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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