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war reparations Germany- AGAIN

Greece is insisting on war reparations. Germany said no.

Think back on all this- again and again Germany has been extorted- I dont blame them one bit
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Well, then we better get in line and they better have lots of ink in their pen.
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Greece is looking for an angle to ease the debt noose around their neck. Remember, it wasn't the people of Greece that voted in favor of massive bailouts that would leave them with unpayable debts, it was the technocrats that were in power. I think the move to Russian help is a brilliant game changer. The Greed people have zero hope of getting out of debt and Europe knows it. They couldn't afford the first bailout nor any of the succeeding ones. Watch the fireworks in derivatives people, because this will volley around the world before it's through.
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All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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