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Weaterization-- and Q about hiding stack

Dont assume you do not qualify- I am thinking a few here do.

The income cut off for one person is 22k.

So I am on the list. I emailed them pics and my ideas and history.

I feel an interior door would do wonders. Between pine room and kitchen. I dont know if they even do inside doors. I found 5 windows that have leaks- 4 of them would be ok with some good caulk.

4 other windows- would increase living space as far as noise goes- but they may find caulk is the mode for that.

I had a damper installed in the duct- it was hack sawed- some metal tape could assist on air leaks- but it seaps upstairs anyhow to the heated rooms.

One concern- is I do not want them in the area near the silver. Any ideas for this? My brother said load it all in my car for those days- but it is bulky- and heavy. The work men have to be able to get to the whole house. They do a wind tunnel test.

Any ideas on the silver thing??


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I agree with your brother. Put it all somewhere else and forget about it for awhile. You don't have to move it every day. Noone else but you is thinking of your secret hiding place, they have more mundane things on their minds.
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Those workmen will only be looking at areas where they identify airleak.

Find somewhere that really does not have the slightest chance of being identified as a leak source.

A lockable cupboard that doesnt look like a gun cupboard ?
if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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thanks guys- in the mean time- been seeing where stuff is- maybe I can re-install a door or 2 toward this end.
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I had mixed feelings about them coming. I am on the budget plan- so I doubt my bill will go down.

If it does- running the blower less would help the electric-an added bonus. If I avoid more dirty laundry from sweating thats good too. My mortgage went up $1. It would have been more but I paid the escrow so it would not.

There are a bunch of items I could sell. Many 1/2 finished projects- I only go so far and then gave up. It is kind of fun to explore and plan to fix things up.

I was looking for 2 storm windows- that dont exist. Was trying to figure out the parameters of the program- I am thinking they can only spend $x per house. When they were here the last time- it seems for the time it took to calk- they could have just did another window. If I am allotted 2 windows- then the front of the house would be good- or maybe I have windows here in my supplies I could use.
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