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Cool Weatherization-

I have to gear up for the 4 hour home analysis. This is a big deal for me.

I have so very many bad days. I am total and permanent disabled. (Im not asking for pity- just giving you back ground.)

This job has been on and off since November 2013. If I refuse this "help"- I "may" be cut off of govt help with heat.

I own a big house in disrepair. I bought it as a foreclosure my mortgage is less then 1/2 going rents.

I can not put the AC unit in. This will hinder the assessment. Temps are hot and humid and I feel like I am going to faint at times.

I want to gear up- lets says- they budget $2000. I want this to be used on items that actually matter.

I should be jumping down with joy-

Cut off for most grants are June 30- so we are down to the wire.

I told the man- that they can come this week- it will take 4 hours- and If I am sleeping just work around me.

In the mean time- I been asking myself again on refi. I owe 21,970 on my house. 30 year fixed- at 5.5%. I put 20% down.

I am pondering if a refi or cash out- would be to my advantage. I candidly filled our a form with my own credit union.

I do not know weather I am coming or going.

I do not know that I am in the mood for red tape... closing would be in Philly- that is a hike to drive.
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