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Liberty In it to win it (Ron Paul)

I'm spamming the web this morning:
Quote :
So last night I watched a little bit of the start of SNL and caught a skit where Romney and Santorum are at a bar reminiscing about the race and they are slowly joined by Perry, Bachmann, Cain and finally Gingrich, who they shun because his campaign is broke and he hasn't quit yet. The whole gist of the skit was that the race was over and and Romney has won. Guess who's name was never mentioned and who didn't make an appearance? I sat there watching and wondering if this might end up being a modern twist on "Dewey Defeats Truman".

This race isn't over yet. Lots of district and state conventions were held Friday and yesterday in several states to select the national delegates for the convention in Tampa and unofficial reports are that Ron Paul supporters are turning out in huge numbers:

Colorado - Ron 13 delegates, Mitt 13 delegates, Santorum 7 delegates, 3 super delegates expected to go for Mitt
Minnesota - Ron swept 9 out of 9 delegates and 9 out of 9 alternate delegates from the districts that convened
Oklahoma - Ron swept 6 out of 6 delegates and 6 out of 6 alternate delegates from districts 3 & 5.

Even more interesting are reports from people at the conventions that the Ron Paul and Rick Santorum campaigns were coordinating and pushing "unity" slates to thwart the Romney campaign. If the reports are true, this coordination came from the national campaigns and not the grassroots levels. If this continues, Romney may not get the 1,144 delegates he needs to secure the nomination outright.

The media is doing their best to ignore the Ron Paul campaign (I doubt you will find any coverage of what's really happening with delegate selections) and annoint Romney as the GOP nominee. However, money talks. There is a fundraiser for the Ron Paul campaign happening today - right now. This is a critical juncture. If you support Ron Paul, or even just don't like Mitt Romney, please consider donating whatever you can spare. Even $10 helps (the Paul campaign is very frugal and smart with their money - fiscal conservatism that walks the walk):

Release the hounds!
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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu

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Going well so far, already over 100000

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Ron Paul, the only man I ever loved..
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It's too bad that the Republican National Convention is in late August. ZH (whose been pretty acurate regarding the debt ceiling) estimates that it will be breached sometime in September).

However, if things get worse faster than ZH expects then we will have breached the current 16.4 trillion limit before the convention. If that happened it would definitely be Ron Paul positive.
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Every possible and imaginable trick that can be conjured up by the powers that control the GOP will be used to keep Dr. Paul out of office.

I think they are truly afraid of him because of what he represents. Real change by restoring the constitution to its rightful place and limiting the power of government and banks to the boundaries of the constitution.
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