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Arrow you cant go home- or can you. no

So- today I realized- I have now lived in PA almost 1/2 my life! My family has all lived in 2 or more states- back and forth PA and Chicago.

24 years there - 25 here- something like that.

You know all those places coming of age? That you hung at? Do you drive thru the old neighborhood?

If I make it back there- 12 hour drive- would I drive past those places??

1, there is my ex who is cordial- he sold is spawling ranch and went into an new apartment for retirees. He did not want the fuzz. We spent alot of time there- the lawn was huge- and the parties were the best!!

2, next- his parents house- they lived in the same fancy suburb- but in the new subdivision section- so no 80 feet tall oak trees there- we had some great times there- holidays- and his mom was like a mom to me. I was sad when I learned she passed. One thing she taught me- look it up- she was like a detective- I loved picking her brain and figuring things out.

I told Dennis- I hope you did not give your house away. He did not say anything- so using the skills his mom taught me- I looked it up- and seen what his house and her house sold for. Hers was sold at market price. His was low end of the market. I will never forget how insulted they were when the appraiser for the inheritance tax on his grandfather - said that houses kitchen pulled the value down- which he actually did a favor by low ending the value for that tax.
So I pondered the price then and the price he said it at- the time span- and the increase reminds me abit like silver. I know the taxes were crazy- and it was like an acre of grass to cut thru a forest of messy oak trees. Which I helped some.

3, uncle Dons house. He lived in the same suburb that I grew up in- we did many camping trips- and holidays- and back yard outings.

4, the house I grew up in. I doubt I want to drive by it. I can stand the memories. Early on they were great- after my dad passed they were bad.

5, my old job- I used to clean a poodle clipping shop. I dont even know if Marge is still alive. She an aunt that I adopted. We would talk for hours and hours on anything and everything. I learned alot from her- she was a little girl when they escaped on the last train out when Hitler took over Germany. In the 80s she told me stuff- lots of stuff.... but toward the year 2000- she became unwilling to discuss any of it.

6, old schools- might be interesting to see. I know the high school is crazy glitzy now. Glad I dont have to pay the tax on that!

So all my family lives back there again- but they live further out from the city then before- and indeed- where we lived seems more urban and of color.

So- it is possible to drive what I would and not really have to run into the old places.

My family has it nicer then we did as kids. So yay for that. Gosh even this house - has more square feet- then the old place... and I am 1 person not 6.

If you were in your old neighborhood- so you drive by places?
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every time i go home to Tennessee, i drive through all the old neighborhoods that i hung out in. i hardly go see any of my old friends. only one of them do i keep in touch with. I havent lived there for 6 years. dont know if ill move back or not. but when im in town, i do like to drive by all the old places.
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i find the present and the future much more interesting Penn.
The past is done.
Learn from it and use the knowledge to create a better future for yourself and those you care about.
i only look at old photo's when someone else digs em out and have no inclination to revisit places for memorys sake.
I detect a kind of sadness in nostalgia .....
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i will share this though -

a couple of months ago i was driving to visit a friend about 100 miles away in an area close to where i was born and where my father spent many years ( b-1901 d-1976 )
Now i almost never have any thoughts about him but as i rounded a particular corner he 'came through' loud n clear.
"Hey son, this was my favourite road for riding my motorcycle along"
wow ! I had even forgotten he rode a motorcycle.
He stayed with me until i turned off down a dead end road towards my friends place. Think the last time i had been along this road was when i was a toddler .....

So my dad used to ride with T.E. Lawrence ( Lawrence of Arabia ) and he was going along the road towards where Lawrence lived ......

now thats fuckin nostalgia !
if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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