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    Review: BullionVault

    Greetings. I'm thinking about BullionVault. Here are my considerations. Am I missing anything? They charge a minimum of $4/month for storage, so it makes sense to store at least the break-even amount, which at 0.01% is $40,000. But there's a 0.5% transfer fee too. So the minimum most-efficient...
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    World’s biggest gold storage company dumps US citizens

    http://www.sovereignman.com/important-information/red-alert-worlds-biggest-gold-storage-company-dumps-us-citizens-10958/ “We are currently experiencing rapid and substantial changes in the general regulations within this business. The changes mainly relate to the tax structures and taxation...
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    bullion vault

    looking into some online ways to invest in pms without the negatives associated w the gld or slv of the world. anyone ever use bullion vault? i learned about it through a podcast w chris martenson. trying to find easier way to own silver. the sprott physical trust trades at a huge premium right...
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