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  1. J

    Physical Silver Premiums

    Hey all - new member here. I'm obviously interested in investing in silver but have a few questions for the pros. What are acceptable premiums for purchasing physical silver? I've seen it anywhere from $0.75/toz over spot for bars up to much more. What are considered "fair" , "good" and...
  2. vox

    Pending Silver Purchase - Feedback appreciated

    All... Looking to make my first PM purchases in the near future - I will be purchasing silver. My considerations for this purchase: I want to take physical possession of the metal. I am located in Texas but would like to avoid the sales tax on any purchase. Initial purchase will be less...
  3. E

    First gold bullion purchase

    Hey thanks for all the great info here. I have made my first order for gold bullion on the internet. Bought it at Tulving co. Read all the reviews online. In general people speak highly of it. The guy is not a saleman but I kinda like that. Dont know if I am being paranoid but how can i be sure...
  4. D

    larger bullion products

    Since we have a fractional thread going, I thought it would be interesting to discuss larger coins and bars. By this I mean larger than the standard 1oz. Like most products, purchasing in bulk will generally get you a lower premium. This applies both for buying large numbers of units (i.e...
  5. pmbug

    Declare gold or silver bullion as a monetary instrument when traveling internationally?

    Some emphasis mine: As I read it*, you can travel with 1,000 gold bars or ingots and not have to declare them because they are just bullion (not foreign or domestic coins or currency), but if you travelled...
  6. O

    Advice someone new to precious metals wanting to make a big purchase

    Hello All, I've been watching the forums here for the past week or so after seeing it mentioned on rpforums i believe. I recently have become interested in purchasing PMs, and have purchased a few small silver rounds. I've never really followed any markets, and am not really sure what kind of...
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