1. Mr_BimmerLV

    Valcambi Gold Inc ??

    Hello There, I have been on the PM bug for about a year or so now and have LOVED every minute of it :) SUCH a great place :) I Have a question... Has anyone ever had any dealings with " Valcambi Gold Inc. ??? I mean for...
  2. J

    New Type Of Gold Bullion - Fits In Your Wallet!!

    Thought this was really cool! Looking forward to buying one of these and hopefully we can use it as money since its the only thing of real value we have! What do you guys think about this?
  3. S

    New kind of pm bar "invented" - breakable into 1g pieces

    Valcombi SA, the largest gold refiner in Europe (located in southern Switzerland), has recently "invented" a new kind of gold/silver bar consisting of small 1 (gold and siver) / 10 (silver) gramm pieces. They are called combibars (tm): These are essentially made like...
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