1. pmbug

    eBay increasing listing fees for bullion

    They are more than doubling the listing fees for bullion to 7% (for dealers with a store subscription - it's 10% for individuals with no store subscription if they sell more that 50 items a month). Details...
  2. Mr_BimmerLV

    Buying Silver From Ebay

    Hi there.... I just recently got into silver collecting ( And found this GREAT forum ) So I thought I would make myself known with a question :) I usually get my bullion from one of either TWO places... Provident Metals or APMEX. I hear a LOT of people also get bullion from Ebay @ cheaper...
  3. white&yellow999

    Has anyone else personally gotten ripped off on a PM buy?

    I thought this might be a fun thread! :popcorn: Whether it was on ebay, a coin shop, yard/garage sale, an online dealer, a fake, etc. I want to hear about. Don't be shy we are not here to judge. This thread is for you to tell your story. Tell us your story. In fact, I will start. This happened...
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