1. pmbug

    eBay increasing listing fees for bullion

    They are more than doubling the listing fees for bullion to 7% (for dealers with a store subscription - it's 10% for individuals with no store subscription if they sell more that 50 items a month). Details...
  2. Mr_BimmerLV

    Buying Silver From Ebay

    Hi there.... I just recently got into silver collecting ( And found this GREAT forum ) So I thought I would make myself known with a question :) I usually get my bullion from one of either TWO places... Provident Metals or APMEX. I hear a LOT of people also get bullion from Ebay @ cheaper...
  3. white&yellow999

    Has anyone else personally gotten ripped off on a PM buy?

    I thought this might be a fun thread! :popcorn: Whether it was on ebay, a coin shop, yard/garage sale, an online dealer, a fake, etc. I want to hear about. Don't be shy we are not here to judge. This thread is for you to tell your story. Tell us your story. In fact, I will start. This happened...
  4. pmbug

    ebay sales report

    If you have registered an account and logged in, you should see an "ebay sales yesterday" block on the PM Bug home page. It is supposed to be reporting the number of 1oz coin auctions that were completed over the last day. I have the option of expanding the reporting time period out to the...