1. pmbug

    The Seventh Characteristic of Money

    The Six Characteristics of Money We are roughly a century into the grand experiment with a central bank fiat monetary world order (half a century on a pure fiat system). For many people, pure fiat money is all that they have ever known. The lessons of history with respect to money have been...
  2. pmbug

    Gold As Unpegged Legal Tender

    Gold As Unpegged Legal Tender We need to level the currency playing field to enforce a practical, market based boundary on irresponsible monetary and fiscal policy. Poor System Design Our Founding Fathers understood the problems with fiat money and monetary debasement. They attempted to...
  3. pmbug

    Zimbabwe made gold legal tender and reintroduces gold standard

    How did I miss this story!?!? October 2022 (emphasis mine): This looks like Ron Paul's competing currencies bill in action, but on a limited scale/basis. December 2022...
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