gold smuggling

  1. pmbug

    India arrests travelers who tried to smuggle gold in rectum and coffee machine From 2019:
  2. searcher

    Investigating gold smuggling, drug trafficking & money laundering in Guyana

    GEORGETOWN, Guyana (Reuters) – U.S. government officials repeatedly warned Exxon Mobil to avoid doing business with two mining magnates in Guyana, who face a U.S. investigation on suspicions of money laundering, drug trafficking and gold smuggling, according to five people with knowledge of the...
  3. searcher

    Two New Yorkers tried to leave Brazil with 77 pounds of gold in their luggage

    From the link: Just after 9 p.m. on Jan. 24, 2020, two American businessmen walked toward a customs desk inside the airport in Manaus, Brazil, a bustling city on the edge of the Amazon rainforest. Frank Giannuzzi and Steven Bellino were New York moneymen. Bellino, then 62, had worked as a Wall...
  4. searcher

    The Gold Mafia

    Who are the Gold Mafia? Godmen, conmen and a president’s niece Gangs that smuggle gold and launder money, that is what the Gold Mafia investigation is about. But who are they exactly? By Al Jazeera Investigative Unit Published On 23 Mar 202323 Mar 2023 They are rival gangs — with many...
  5. searcher

    Russians probed over Africa gold smuggling as West vies for influence

    Dozens of Russians working for a mining company in Sudan are being probed by authorities on suspicion of gold-smuggling, in a potential setback for Moscow’s ambitions in the resource-rich North African state...
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