1. pmbug

    Gold As Unpegged Legal Tender

    Gold As Unpegged Legal Tender We need to level the currency playing field to enforce a practical, market based boundary on irresponsible monetary and fiscal policy. Poor System Design Our Founding Fathers understood the problems with fiat money and monetary debasement. They attempted to...
  2. pmbug

    ‘I don’t understand why people are more inclined to go to bitcoin than gold’, says hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio I don't know what people he is referring to, but i think BTC is a speculative play for people gambling on some ROI. Gold is an...
  3. pmbug

    ChatGPT: Competing Currencies?

    What do you think the short, medium and long term effects would be if Ron Paul's Competing Currencies bill were to be enacted today?
  4. pmbug

    Zimbabwe made gold legal tender and reintroduces gold standard

    How did I miss this story!?!? October 2022 (emphasis mine): This looks like Ron Paul's competing currencies bill in action, but on a limited scale/basis. December 2022...
  5. S

    [VIDEO]Competing currencies in Indonesia (Rupiah vs. gold and silver)

    Highly recommended :mrt: The reasoning for the people in Indonesia to use gold and silver instead of the Rupiah is to follow the rules of Islam. But that's irrelevant, because they apply common sense economics :clap:
  6. pmbug

    Newt's proposed Gold Commission I'm encouraged that Newt's proposed commission doesn't appear to be designed to bury the idea again. Asking Lehrman and Grant to head the commission shows a serious intent. I still think enacting HR 1098 is a...
  7. S

    Imagine this scenario, what would you do?

    Offshoot of a Jim Rickard's scenario in his book Currency Wars. Let's say you are well prepared living in a suburb of a major city. You have food/water/protection and have transitioned your assets into gold and silver. The dollar is collapsing. The US seizes all gold held in banks (repayment...
  8. pmbug

    Steve Forbes Predicts a Return to the Gold Standard Within Five Years

    HR 1098 holla!
  9. pmbug

    Ron Paul and HR 1098: Free Competition in Currencies

    It seems painfully obvious to me that given events that are shaping the future for the US Dollar, we are headed for a currency crisis. Most pundits in the financial media, at least the ones who dare to discuss this topic, usually point to two options - default on the debt or monetize the debt...
  10. pmbug

    Rasmussen poll on a return to a gold standard

    More: The original source for this article is behind a pay wall: I hope...
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