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  1. S

    Ohio Precious Metals 10 oz poured bars

    There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm around hand-poured bars. I saw these puppies, 10 oz Ohio Precious Metal poured bars on Liberty Coin & Precious Metal's site: http://libertycpm.com/silver/10-oz-ohio-precious-metals-bar/ Anyone have these? What's your take?
  2. Mr_BimmerLV

    Ohio Precious Metals (OPM)

    Hi there.... I have a question.... I'm usually on Provident Metals alot...and I always seem to notice the 1 oz Bars from "Ohio Precious Metals" or OPM. They say the bars are recycled from computer junk or other stuffs and are .9999 Fine. What does everyone think about them??? I was...
  3. M

    NTR bars not pure as claimed?

    What if anything has anyone heard about NTR Metals being sued for fraud per not being .999 in their silver bars? I can locate nothing on that rumor and hold some NTR. They did merge this month with OPM who makes the 1-10oz hand poured bars. Both /arewere accepted in the industry premo .999 as...
  4. pmbug

    NTR and Ohio Precious Metals merge companies

    http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304587704577334190440848190.html Oh snap! Those of you following along the physical inventory watch efforts may recall that it spawned from an initial observation when 100ozt silver bars were in scarce supply. For a while there, the only 100ozt...
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