1. pmbug

    Treasury Dept. to stop producing pennies and nickels? I'm aware of calls for changing the metal composition for the coins, but this is the first I've heard that they will be phased out altogether. The quoted article does not list a source for their claims - I'm not able to corroborate it...
  2. Mark

    Non-Precious Metals

    Maybe this isn't the right place to post this so I apologize. I was speaking with a Precious Metals broker this past weekend and he brought up the subject of copper and a future demand for it. He told us the amount of pure copper in a .01 penny and indicated that you'd want to "hoard" pennies...
  3. pmbug

    Legislation Seeks Steel Cents and Nickels

    Back to the future! (1943 or so): Somewhere, Kyle Bass is smiling.
  4. pmbug

    ABC News: Extreme Penny Hoarders Hope to Cash In

    Copper bugs! $.02 Video:
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