1. D

    Global production numbers

    I'm having trouble finding accurate numbers on global gold production for the past couple years. I have no problem finding 2011 and back but for some reason google isn't really helping. Anyone know a spot to find this kind of info? Thanks in advance.
  2. pmbug

    SRSrocco: Potential disturbance in the (paper silver market) force

    I wanted to highlight this very interesting report that was posted in a place silver bugs might not have seen it: :popcorn:
  3. pmbug

    srsRocco: The coming paradigm shift in silver

    Very long essay on silver written by srsRocco: More:
  4. pmbug

    Investment demand vs. Industrial demand

    Found this chart while browsing around: Investment demand is now* greater than industrial demand for silver. * well it was in 2010 and all indications are that investment demand in 2011 is even greater than it was in 2010 Oh - and industrial demand has apparently been increasing too:
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