water supply

  1. DCFusor

    A versatile water system for living

    Oops, I tried to edit a typo, and got a dupe. I don't see how to remove one, perhaps the moderator will do it. Not many people realize what a hassle it is to get water. For most it just comes out of a tap, like magic. Well, behind the scenes it takes a lot of doing, and depending on tap...
  2. DoChenRollingBearing

    Fresh Water From Seawater?

    I would be interested in hearing members' ideas on devices or methods to make fresh water from seawater. Solar stills? I cannot find any in my city. Reverse osmosis? Any comments? Water for me is TEOTWAWKI prep item No. 1 for me. When I finish the book (Survivors by James Wesley, Rawles...