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Alchemy risk?

Maybe I am wearing my tinfoil hat a bit too tight these days, but: given how TPTB are pretty effective at stampeding sheeple (via misdirection etc), how much of a possibility is it that one day we all wake up and come to learn that some sort of nano-alchemy is suddenly possible?
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Like this?
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if a commercially viable route to transmuting atoms of another base metal to gold were to evolve, it would probably not suit the 'giants' who seem to want to quietly accrue gold.

Ok it would make a good scare story for this stage of the game, as they try to shake out the weak hands but it would be seriously 'discouraged' in reality.

Of course theres always been a mysterious alchemic route to transmuting base metals and while many have alluded to the secret, The 'Book of Aquarius' finally describes, in detail, how it can be achieved -

fascinating and ironically very amusing
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It can be done in particle accelerators, but only in miniscule/microscopic amounts.

Any method that could successfully transmute another element into gold in commercial quantities would be much more expensive in energy, infrastructure and time, than gold itself.


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