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Bitcoinistan Problems Shook Me Up! Buying Pt...

... (one of the major players in BTC) has been having problems over the past day or so.

Just when I wanted to try out "2 Factor Authentication" (where in addition to a password, you receive a short message on your "device" as kind of a second password). 2FA makes a wallet more secure, so having heard about some bad stories, I wanted to beef up my BTC security.

So I created two new wallets at, one with Google's Authenticator and the other using text/SMS messages (uh, I know no next to nothing about SMS, so don't ask...).

Both wallets gave me problems logging in today ( is making changes in their programming, the Bearing is minor collateral damage...).

But, here are today's results for anyone interested:

1) In a fit of paranoia, I bought some Platinum. Once it arrives (or not) I will review the Seller. I still like BTC as a diversification asset, but my problems in using the wallets lit a fire under me to cash some BTC in.

2) I took Google's tool off my wallet (via a submitted form). Now that wallet works OK. They even have a nice cool feature: at "Settings" you can set-up a second password, used for sending BTC only, the cool thing is that you enter this password via a virtual screen (clicking letter-by-letter), this makes it harder for a keystroke logging program to monitor you...

3) I tried to get in to my other wallet, the 2FA is by SMS/message. It worked OK, but I can only use a few per day (uh, again, don't ask...). I may just use THIS wallet as a "savings account". But, it works, for now anyway. Note that says that SMS does not work well in some foreign (non-USA) countries. Next time I go to Peru, I'll try it out.

* * *

Bottom line is that I now have at least rudimentary 2FA on those two wallets, and I bought some platinum. I do hope that it arrives OK.
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good luck kiddo
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So is it that is having the issue, or some 3rd party? It's not clear from from your description. I haven't been keeping up with the latest on bitcoin, so I don't know anything about the Google Authenticator, but it really doesn't seem like having Google be a 3rd party to your bitcoin transactions is a great idea if you value privacy. Google has the tools to figure out who you are - especially if you are using an Android phone (or tablet) linked to a Google account.
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I reckon I would rather go diving in a cold lake than have to jump through all those hoops that you have cheerfully created for your 'peace of mind' Bearing ........
if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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bitcoin shmitcoin.
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