1. pmbug

    Lugano Switzerland making crypto legal tender

    Apparently this has been brewing for a couple of years now, but I just became aware of it. (March 2022): Feb 2023...
  2. pmbug

    German politician wants to make Bitcoin legal tender in Germany
  3. pmbug

    Taiwan to Recognize Bitcoin as Legal Tender? I wonder how this might impact US-China relations if it passes...
  4. pmbug

    Mexican Senator Rallies Support For Bitcoin As Legal Tender I have no idea how much support/interest there is for this in Mexico. :popcorn:
  5. pmbug

    Paul Tudor Jones Backs Bitcoin and Gold as Geopolitical Risks Rise

    On the heels of Jefferies recommendation:
  6. pmbug

    Paraguay congressman advocates for making Bitcoin legal tender Not sure how influential this Congressman is or how widespread his interest is shared amongst his colleagues.
  7. pmbug

    Support for making Bitcoin legal tender in the USA?

    This surprised me... More: If the youth are the future, Bitcoin appears poised for future growth.
  8. pmbug

    Better Money vs. Easy Money - Cato event

    Streaming here:
  9. pmbug

    ‘I don’t understand why people are more inclined to go to bitcoin than gold’, says hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio I don't know what people he is referring to, but i think BTC is a speculative play for people gambling on some ROI. Gold is an...
  10. pmbug

    ChatGPT: Nakamoto Portfolio Theory

    Could you explain what is the Nakamoto Portfolio Theory is?
  11. Goldhedge

    Nakamoto Portfolio Theory

    Nakamoto Portfolio Theory A set of tools, research and open source code to explore the ground breaking effects that Bitcoin has on the financial world.
  12. pmbug

    Ordinals: Bitcoin NFTs

    This is a fairly new development, but if the infrastructure for minting, buying and selling matures and a Bitcoin NFT market grows, it's going to be deflationary for Bitcoin as coins get minted, they become collectables and don't circulate/trade as unminted coins do.
  13. pmbug

    Central African Republic made Bitcoin legal tender

    I missed this story back in April of last year: I'm guessing that CAR was hoping to attract foreign investment with the move.
  14. pmbug

    Gold, Bitcoin and Money

    Decent effort at addressing the issue, it does miss a few important points (I will elaborate later if folks are interested):
  15. pmbug

    Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)

    Trading at 40% of NAV because parent company possibly in trouble for shenanigans. See also...
  16. SongSungAu

    The last edition of the Dreizin Report until next year

    Here's the latest from Jacob Dreizin. It's a packed edition. I started reading his blog for the Ukraine coverage and normally would post this in the Ukraine thread but this edition covers much more than the Ukraine situation. I'm not a fanboy for Elon Musk. I like what he's doing at Twitter...
  17. foolsgold

    Bitcoin Meltdown… Breaks below $16,000…
  18. <SLV>

    Xi to drive Bitcoin higher?
  19. foolsgold

    NKorea hackers steal billions in Bitcoin… North Korea's Crypto Hackers Are Paving the Road to Nuclear Armageddon North Korea has quietly become a cryptocurrency superpower. It has stolen billions in bitcoin and ether and is...
  20. pmbug

    El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Legal Tender El Salvador dropped the bomb. Wow.
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