1. foolsgold

    Bitcoin Meltdown… Breaks below $16,000…
  2. <SLV>

    Xi to drive Bitcoin higher?
  3. 11C1P

    Fake Bitcoin-coins!

    Came across a few videos of this guy shooting bitcoins in a variety of calibers. Saw the title of this one & had to check it out. As the saying goes, caveat emptor!:snidely: . (BitCoin)They faked a fake coin.- UGEtube . Hey bug, I know this isn't a youtube link, but is there a way to get...
  4. G

    Gold Investments - 14% Per Month/ Need Help

    Hello, I need advice. Hope somebody can help me here. I'm experienced forex trader and precious metals investor. 4 month ago I joined a company that provides oil, gold, real-estate investments and clickbank/cpa offers business systems. After making research, I found out that it cooperates with...
  5. DoChenRollingBearing

    Bitcoinistan Problems Shook Me Up! Buying Pt...

    ... (one of the major players in BTC) has been having problems over the past day or so. Just when I wanted to try out "2 Factor Authentication" (where in addition to a password, you receive a short message on your "device" as kind of a second password). 2FA makes a wallet...
  6. DoChenRollingBearing

    Fun With Bitcoin for Beginners: Part Four

    ... Lots of math, but most of it is not too bad, although I have not reviewd the link to "elliptic curve cryptography" yet... Prime Number Factorization / PGP "hashing functions" (yow!) Here's one (output): 0cb03ee037b2139b6b3c58160c9bb1dd6ba6e1b11d965df4d2427be6e6f5faa5 from input...
  7. DoChenRollingBearing

    Fun With Bitcoin for Beginners: Part Three

    ... Will I get the "Dumbass of the Week" award for trying to buy a 0.25 oz Gold Eagle with BTC? Barron's columnist Randall W. Forsyth wrote an influential column on BTC this weekend, Wall Street is well-aware of this... And my virtual friend "Bitcoin Insider" answers more of my questions...
  8. DoChenRollingBearing

    More Fun With Bitcoins

    ... I have been emailing back and forth with a real live "Bitcoin Insider" who really seems to know his stuff. He's been giving me real insights into the BTC realm. China and the USA. Getting BTC and/or cash for them. And links for the curious to explore. A...
  9. Potemkin

    How long does it take to mine a Bitcoin?

    Hi, forgive my naivety, but I am curious about Bitcoin. I know I can "mine" through a program on my machine - from what I understand. How long does it take? I work a lot in my office... prolly 10+ hours a day, so the electricity bill shouldn't be a major issue. I guess my machine works...
  10. mike

    Bitcoin Banned in Thailand
  11. Potemkin

    Bitcoin Fraud

    Did you find out? (I know these news don't tell us everything about the bitcoin, but still... it's ugly...
  12. J

    Bitcoin Currency - New Investments, First Trust, Bar & Store Payments (Domino's Pizza

    Discussing the advances and new investments ;
  13. U

    Bitcoin discussion

    SwissAustrian - I think it would be more fair to say BC's supply growth is artificially pre-determined rather than artificially managed. (The 'certainty' and clarity about future supply growth is an advantage imo) Imo PM's are not valuable because of their scarcity or the difficulty of...
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