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Predaceous stink bug
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Mike Maloney video

just watched this video. It over an hr but well worth it. curious what peoples view on it is. his comparisions of asset classes and cycles I thought was very interesting. He clearly thinks stocks are still overvalued. Was interesting analysis because looking at any asset class in a vacuum is kinda useless. all comes down to what your options are.

any comments or criticisms of the video would be appreciated. Like to hear variant viewpts.
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Predaceous stink bug
Join Date: Nov 2011
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Been watching a lot of these mm videos on you tube. I never knew about him before. his reasoning is actually very well thought out. Curious what you guys think about his deflation viewpts. he is actually predicting like $10 oil becuase says we are in a base money contraction. i would like to see some q&a w him talking about this.

Because he also talks about the fed is gonna inflate away the debt. just wonder how those 2 views jive. I know that Janzen from Itulip thinks of it as this Ka-Poom theory. we head into deflation like in 2009 then the fed prints to conbat the deflation, so we will have these cycles that will eventually leave massive inflation but with deflationary bouts in between.

any views pts on his theory?
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Golden Cockroach
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I haven't watched the video yet, but I have seen some videos / presentations given by Mike Maloney before. He seems to be a pretty sharp guy who also has a gift for communicating ideas clearly. He worked with Robert Kiyosaki to spread the message about investing in gold and silver to Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad audience with a well received book:

and joint presentations (available on YouTube). He has also done a series of (YouTube) videos with Dave Morgan where they chat as they are chauffeured around in a limo which are good.
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