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Cool hello I am goldwood

just want to introduce myself and say hello and thank you.
I live in the country and I work with my hands as a cabinet and furniture maker.
I am educated in art and design.
My interrests are building things, fixing old stuff that was made well enough the first time to warrent being fixed for continued use, pms and firearms.
began stacking in 09 but there is a famaliy tradition.
also interested in the garden and hunting and canning.
I have a weakness for the dodge cummins engine.
I want to brew my own , grow my own , kill my own and make my own.
I believe that things will gett a lot worse before they get better.
libertarian bitches!
my favorite pasttime is running a saw mill.
I like to play texas holdum but I am average.
found this site through zero hedge which I visit every day.

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Big-eyed bug
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Welcome goldwood; love your independent spirit!

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Yellow Jacket
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Looks like this site is building up all the right sort of people - what Isaac Asimov would have called "the first foundation" in what started out as his sci-fi trilogy - the skills to (re) make a world all gathering...interesting.
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Golden Cockroach
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Welcome goldwood. Glad to have you here.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu

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Fly on the wall
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Hi goldwood.

DCF - Yes we see a diversity of character and skills, but definitely a bunch of important things in common! Nice IA reference.
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Welcome to the board, spending your days building things must be very satisfying.
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goldwood, you will fit right in, I can tell immediately... So welcome from a guy who likes gold and certain products made from 52100 steel!

It looks like those of us who like to stack physical gold and silver share some traits:

-- Libertarianz, bitchez!
-- like our guns...
-- either work a lot with our hands or would like to (latter is me)
-- we seem to be sort of a subset of Zero Hedge people, but w/out the rudeness
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