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How the Fed is shorting gold

Quite shocking - but they can print "gold" too!

I still can't believe my eyes, my ears... is this true?

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How exactly all the forms of manipulation are playing, I could only guess. I think it's obvious they are doing a lot of shady things (shocker right?). Seems to me that lately either the price of gold is too high, or silver is WAAAY too low. Maybe it's a bit of both. They are trying to keep the dollar strong, but don't want it too strong. They are juggling so many balls at one time to try and reach the result they want, that when they drop one, things will probably get very ugly.
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Some folks claim the Fed (proxies/bullion banks) are doing it. Some claim China is doing it. Some claim it's just the market chasing yield (in other markets - the big money has left the PM paper markets).

All I know is that miners aren't making any money at these prices and real physical is currently a bargain.
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