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Anyone want to write an article on SILVER?


I just received my latest issue of "American Hard Assets", and this is their Special Silver Issue. I will review this issue pretty soon there at my blog.


But, I also really want to get a good article up on silver! And I just feel that I cannot do justice to silver (as I prefer gold, although I do own more oz of silver than oz of gold, value-wise, it's a different story). I have no passion for silver, but others do...

Any of YOU want to write a Guest Post on silver? I would (probably) be looking for something like:

"The Case for Silver"

In which a full-throated Silver Bug lays it all right out, production vs. demand, why silver is better than gold, etc.

Anyone who would like to write up something, I assure you that you would be attributed as you wish (using a real or other name, etc.). Nor am interested in using a silver article as a "straw-man" just to bash silver.

If interested, please drop me a line (via PM).

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Have you ever read any of Sprott's material? He often argues in favor of the argument you are seeking.

Off the top of my head, one of his favorite data points is the investment funds flowing into silver vs. gold (roughly even - 50x more silver toz being sold than gold). It's been eating into the surplus of above ground stocks of silver for years. It's unsustainable given the ratio of current mining production too.
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