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I knew it all along..

It seems that Big-Pharma found a way to not only increase the effectiveness of antibiotics, but crank up the price of silver at the same time. Tests with antibiotics laced with nano-silver showed increases in effectiveness against bacteria 10 to over 1,000 times.
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Has anyone tried nano-silver or colloidal silver?
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Next we'll have silver colonoscopies. Wait a minute, I just actually read the article and we really might start having silver colonoscopies someday soon.

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I saw a similar article on physorg. Seems that silver (really, either) alone isn't as great as sliver+antibiotics. The details go like this - the silver gets the bacteria to open up the cell wall transport mechanisms to let in the more normal antibiotic, so there's a synergy effect, which works better than either alone does. It does look like "good science" here - not just press-release science.
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yes that would be in accordance with what I've read about how silver alone is affecting the bacteria - by damaging their cell walls. That makes perfect sense.

I wonder, if mixing some nano/colloidal silver with Manuka honey would also increase it's antibacterial power? Manuka honey alone works for me well, I have large scars (burns) on my body, covering my left ankle (amongst other) - I am getting open wounds on that ankle periodically (either small cuts or abrasions), that are very difficult to heal on its own - but Manuka honey does the trick every time.
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