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Where to Buy Insanity

The number of scams on the Internet is insane! Apparently no one is going to jail so it grows out of control. Yesterday we drove 75 miles to Dallas to the address on's home page to find a beauty salon! Calling to verify the address, "Oh, that's our corporate headquarters." Right. Calling local stores, we're quoted $3-$4 over spot for 10 oz bars! The US Mint is a complete rip. How can online sources be trusted not to pocket $10 grand and disappear? Where to buy please?
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I've been buying from JM Bullion and Provident Metals for a couple years and have had nothing but satisfactory results.
Problems, questions and errors have been dealt with in a prompt and professional manner.
I recommend them both, very highly.
(I am NOT a paid shill for either)
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After spending more time researching, I’m convinced that the risk of trusting ANY source online is completely foolish. Searching [company name reviews scam reports] returns way too many complaints, something on the order of 1 complaint every 10 days in some situations, and no resolutions forthcoming until scams were exposed online. Of course there’s plenty of phony anonymous unverifiable ‘testimonials’ along with complaints about bait/switch, hidden fees, bought/paid A+ ratings, PO Boxes, fake nonexistent physical addresses – the works. The risk of blowing hard-earned money foolishly trusting Internet crooks is greater than sweating the economy or the dollar! I see I didn’t ask the right question. It should have been, “Where can silver bars be purchased in person please?”
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Well, this is the age old dilema for folks who don't have a local coin shop that they can (or want) to deal with.

Generally, when looking at online dealers, you can get great prices or great customer service but rarely both. Some dealers have been in business for a good number of years and have good reputations. But that is not a guarantee of anything as Tulving had a great reputation for delivering on big orders at great prices (with bad customer service) for a number of years before they cratered.

If you are looking for silver specifically, I can personally vouch for Scottsdale Silver and Silvertowne as direct to the consumer Mints. I've bought from both and never had a problem (although long shipping times may be experienced, they always delivered).

Provident, JM Bullion, Apmex all have fairly good reputations for delivering the goods too. More reviews of dealers can be found here:
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I've used Silvertowne, JM Bullion plus Sunshine and like their decoder (shows sunburst and "valid") for hopefully checking new purchases. I've also purchased from Golden Eagle Coins and have not had a problem. Checking that site today I was shocked at the delta added onto some purchases for Paypal/Credit Card transactions. Shipping costs need to be factored in when comparing prices too. I think just about every company has had bad reviews and so buyer beware is always necessary. CC purchase can cost extra, but CC offered protection plans may make it worthwhile.
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