1. searcher

    The History of Money

    Friday the 13th Could Have Been Known as “Kill Your Banker Day” The History of Money: Installment 1 – The Templars This article was originally crafted by my father for his readers in September of 2003, but its content is possibly more relevant than ever before. This is one of the original tales...
  2. searcher

    United States Strategic Silver Stockpile

    Watched a vid about this earlier and though it interesting enough to do a thread about it. Silver Stockpile RAID By Defense Dept! Create A NEW Strategic Silver Stockpile? Oct 26, 2023 16:54 The United States used to have a stockpile of silver for...
  3. searcher

    Man Arrested After Spending Silver As Money! Then THIS Happened!

    Man Arrested After Spending Silver As Money! Then THIS Happened! Oct 11, 2023 12:26
  4. Casey Jones

    Good, or bad, time to go into silver?

    I had a minor windfall land on me - and I just bought 40 one-ounce bullion coins. I wasted my money. Change my mind. Background: the hype, among the alt-money types, is silver, not gold. Silver is said to be more likely to rise than gold, which, we can see, is manipulated on the COMEX...
  5. jrog100

    FIAT Currency is the BEST

    Govenments and businesses accept "monopoly money" for goods and services while the smart ones in society convert their FIAT to gold and silver. Central banks are doing it and so are we. What a great system for those that are "awake" today. STACK ON and enjoy building real wealth!!!
  6. searcher

    Banks win dismissal of U.S. silver price-fixing litigation

    Banks win dismissal of U.S. silver price-fixing litigation May 22, 20233:57 PM EDTUpdated 4 days ago NEW YORK, May 22 (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Monday dismissed long-running litigation by investors who accused HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA.L) and Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO) of conspiring to fix...
  7. searcher

    Gold & Silver Finds

    *Not going to start a thread on metal detecting (maybe ex-gimer @Irons will do that.) Just going to post some accidental finds I come across in the news. Hiker Stumbles Across Hoard of 2,000-Year-Old Silver Coins In Italy Story by Clare Fitzgerald • 2h ago We all dream of coming across buried...
  8. searcher

    How Gold & Silver SAVED My LIFE!

    Interesting vid where Sal talks about financial sanity, changing bad habits for good habits, paying bills and more. 13 mins 41 secs. How Gold & Silver SAVED My LIFE! Apr 16, 2023
  9. searcher

    Two New Yorkers tried to leave Brazil with 77 pounds of gold in their luggage

    From the link: Just after 9 p.m. on Jan. 24, 2020, two American businessmen walked toward a customs desk inside the airport in Manaus, Brazil, a bustling city on the edge of the Amazon rainforest. Frank Giannuzzi and Steven Bellino were New York moneymen. Bellino, then 62, had worked as a Wall...
  10. Goldhedge

    What Would You Buy?

    Junk silver dimes, quarters, halves, or dollars?? Which one wears best? I’m thinking dimes suffer the most wear. Also, who has the best prices? Got a friend who is interested.
  11. E

    Is Silver the Next Gamestop? How Retail Investors Challenged Wall Street Giants Again

    In the wake of unprecedented short squeezes involving stocks like GameStop and AMC in early 2021, a group of retail investors from the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets (and the spinoff called r/WallStreetSilver) set their sights on the silver market, attempting to challenge Wall Street giants with...
  12. searcher

    Could Crypto Crush PM's?

    Sal talks crypto, gold & silver in the 13 minute vid. THIS Could CRUSH Hopes For Gold And Silver SalivateMetal Jan 21, 2023
  13. searcher

    LBMA blindsided by Russia buying physical gold - Live From The Vault

    LBMA blindsided by Russia buying physical gold - Live From The Vault Ep: 106 Kinesis Money Jan 13, 2023 33:24 In the first Live from the Vault of 2023, Andrew Maguire reports on Russia’s Sberbank issuing its first gold-based blockchain asset in a game-changing manoeuvre that might instigate...
  14. Goldhedge

    Dead: Biggest Discount of the Year (2022 Silver Eagles) JMB

    In case anyone is thinking Christmas presents...? Don't know if this is a good deal or not.... you decide...
  15. Barrettone

    What's your DCA? (Dollar Cost Average)

    I thought this would be a cool thing to have all the forum members sound off on. Some of it will be indicative of how long (since when) you've been stacking, but I thought it would be interesting to see the various responses. No need to list how many ounces you've acquired (OPSEC), but just...
  16. Goldhedge

    My Gold and Silver Bullion Dealer Warns America of a Real Conspiracy!

    My Gold and Silver Bullion Dealer Warns America of a Real Conspiracy! In this video, local bullion dealer talks about his challenges with sourcing silver and gold, the midterm elections, and what a "red wave" could mean to the price of silver and gold. My silver dealer also warns about the...
  17. gringott

    Did I miss something? Lines matter!

    Noticed these weird lines on these charts. Have I missed something? Asking for a Holstein.
  18. Barrettone

    That's it...I'm done with Gold and Silver

    Reached my goal for AU and AG. No real deals out there, and I just can't justify the premiums anymore. I'm gonna have a LOT of cash, but that makes me nervous too. I'm debating getting into platinum or palladium. I had some back in the day (circa 2008- 2015) when I last stacked but had to...
  19. searcher

    Compound Interest Vs. Silver Over 2500 Years: What is The Better Investment?

    Just an interesting / entertaining walk & talk with Nick. 14 mins. Is compound interest or silver the better investment over a 2500 year period? I am at the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens Greece. I look at what the daily salary was of a worker at the Parthenon which was built about 2500...
  20. Goldbrix

    Physical Silver vs paper silver

    "Is SLV, that king of all paper silver funds, finally falling out of favor? It certainly seems so. SLV had its 3rd biggest up day on October 4, and despite that, the amount of the silver in the fund fell sharply that same day. Andy Schectman at Miles Franklin is reporting that this is the...
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