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Alessio Rastani Speaking At The Bank of Ideas

The guy who famously dared to say on the air on the BBC that Goldman Sachs rules the world follows up with a speech at an Occupy London event:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu

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At the end where he says "Read and educate yourself about how the markets work so the bankers can't manipulate your ignorance" is great. Too bad he won't elaborate on how much value paper will lose. And no mention of PM :/
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Rastani is not looking at the end game, which he never discusses (buy U.S. Treasury bonds?!) but only what waves to ride in the interim in order to maximize profits. So he's typically bullish and bearish depending only on temporal differentials. If he saw, for example, that everyone was on board to give Greece a massive bailout, including an equally massive infusion of capital, he would see that for what it was, and might recommend that people take advantage of this in the interim, before shifting his advice in the other direction once the inevitable happens and Greece is ready for another bailout.

Rastani has many of the fundamentals down, but he is a paper economy surfer at his core. For as well as he might be able to read the waves of the economy overall, it is only for maximizing the surfing of profits based on shifting waves. He still reckons this from the point of view of an artificial ocean of fictitious titles that will continue to produce waves, with a focus on temporal profits rather than long term, rock bottom survival.

I am fairly certain that he is well aware that physical PM is more stable than paper derivatives, for example, but there is absolutely nothing to indicate the point at which he might see that as the ultimate protection - for those who need to get to the beach and far inland before the tsunami hits - which might be too late, and certainly for most others, who are not such gifted surfers that they think they could actually navigate a tsunami.
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