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Appreciation or Depreciation in 2017

This is one of the BEST economic collapse videos for 2017 (US & World) I’ve seen.
I know not everyone will agree, as the stock market is at an all time high and businesses are growing.
Unless the ISIS war expands, more developing countries collapse (Vens) or Trump actually does a trade war – this video may not be anything but entertainment.
I enjoyed watching it, and it does have some good economical points (although it doesn’t bring up the good parts of the economy and commodities.

After watching this I’d like to ask
1.What do you think is the biggest (realistically or hypothetically) risk to the economy in 2017?
2.What do you think is the biggest trend or outlook if the economy does well in 2017 (i.e corporate profits continue to rise, etc).
Anyways enjoy!

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Originally Posted by ECONOMYKING View Post:
After watching this I’d like to ask
1.What do you think is the biggest (realistically or hypothetically) risk to the economy in 2017?
I didn't watch the video yet, but of the admittedly small slice of information that has crossed my personal radar, I think how Europe handles their various banking crises in the face of rising political nationalism and considering that central banks are essentially hamstrung at this point is going to be a major challenge that has every potential for a catastrophic ending.
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