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Snidely Bernanke #winning Ponzi game

The only way to profit from a Ponzi that has run it's course is to be the one of the first to jump ship / bail out before it collapses.

Mentioned already Sinclair's comments on Bernanke not seeking another term:
Quote :
This historic event [Cyprus] is one of the single largest and most important in my 50+ years of being involved in markets. It is as serious as what I have said, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is saying, ‘They are going to screw up all of my work; to hell with them, I don’t want to be Chairman when this hits the fan.
Mish also weighs in:
Quote :
The understatement of the day comes from Fed chairman Ben Bernanke who essentially says: I'm Dispensable.
Quote :
“I don’t think that I’m the only person in the world who can manage the exit,” Bernanke said when asked at a news conference in Washington if he’s discussed his plans with President Barack Obama.
What Bernanke said is best translated as "I'll get while the gettin' is good. Besides, I really don't have an exit plan in the first place, nor does anyone else."
More: http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogsp...n-is-good.html
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