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Fun With Bitcoin for Beginners: Part Four


Lots of math, but most of it is not too bad, although I have not reviewd the link to "elliptic curve cryptography" yet...

Prime Number Factorization / PGP

"hashing functions" (yow!) Here's one (output): 0cb03ee037b2139b6b3c58160c9bb1dd6ba6e1b11d965df4d2 427be6e6f5faa5

from input:


Elliptic Curve Cryptography (double yow!!) <--- You probably want to RUN, not walk away from this one...

RIPEMD160 (?, I'll look into it...)

I sure will be happy when that gold coin (paid for with 0.4301 BTC) arrives...
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Bitcoin is the popular crypto currency to date. There are also digital coins rising like litecoin, altcoin, featerrcoin but bitcoin has the highest exchange rate that plummets from $300-$1,0000 for 1BTC. But that changes from time to time, but remember it’s irreversible.
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