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Italy's PM visits Putin.. 1 visit, 3 perspectives.

The same story given by 3 different media outlets. You can pretty much get the same content from each of these articles but it's pretty clear which two have agendas they are trying to push.

Italy’s Prime Minister Renzi Meets Putin in Moscow

Italy's economy is weak and the sanctions placed on Russia by the EU is hurting their economy even more. So they are looking to bypass the sanctions and hit the reset button with Russia.

Putin: E.Ukraine situation difficult, at least cities not being destroyed

Italy's PM is coming to Russia because the EU is split on Ukraine. Russia wants to trade but is using this as a way to give the US the bird by showing a "divided" Europe. So this is basically a Russian propagandized version of this topic.

Renzi in 'pact with the devil' as he visits Putin?

This is the American propagandized version of the story. This "pact with the devil" is clearly irrational and an act of desperation by a backwards nation. Did we mention they sided with the Nazis in WW2?


Most people will only get to read one of these articles and depending on which one, it can definitely impact your perspective. The times we live in...
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Southern Europe has been effectively choked off for no reason other than Ukraine trying to break the bonds the UE wanted to impose upon them and realigning with Russia. They have historically aligned with Russia, so I really don't see the problem here.
All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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