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No rate hike

Shocker of the week.

These clowns are a bunch of cowards is what they are. Raise rates and get this party started I say. This is going to end badly, so it's just a matter of who is on watch when it does. I suspect Yellen is getting back office memos from Obongo's team letting her know that she's in for a bad car accident if she does anything that the Big Office doesn't pre approve. Of course I can't prove that, but I sure as hell suspect it. Obongo doesn't want to rock the boat any more than it already is before he gets the hell out of the white house and secures a nice place on Oahu for him and the Wookie. I'm sure he's already socked away half a billion or so for some good parties and plenty of golf when he bails, so it's all good. The shadow in chief, Jarrett will slink back to Iran and be trumpeted as a hero for all the hard work she did securing the deal of the century and victory will be declared as they finish enriching enough uranium to make a nuclear bomb capable of erasing Israel.

I say raise the rate to 1% and let the chips fall where they may.
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I mentioned before that I would have been surprised if they had raised rates. All the talk about raising rates was way overblown. You look at the numbers and you can see that they can't do it (without undesirable consequences).
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