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Peter Schiff - 'The US Economy Is In Awful Shape! That's Why Donald Trump Was Elected

Peter Schiff explains to CNBC why Trump was Elected President. Yes, the wealth divide is the greatest EVER. Yes, the debt in US is the greatest EVER. Yes, the economy is almost about to have (his opinion) the worst recession, EVER!

What do you guys think the reason Trump was really elected. Jobs or...?

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Originally Posted by ECONOMYKING View Post:
What do you guys think the reason Trump was really elected. ...
Different people choose their vote for different reasons. There is no single answer. I would guess that there are a few reasons that rank high on the list though. Personally, I think there has been a groundswell of anger/dissatisfaction with the political class (and their sycophants in the media and puppet masters in the financial/banking industries) growing ever since TARP and the bailouts and Trump was able to capitalize on it.
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suspect a lot were simply jarred off with the status quo and all the lying

Others say that using asymmetric radar effects like they did to the USS Donald Cook, causing total system failures and more importantly, causing the entire crew to resign when they got ashore,
them pesky ruskies have got inside peoples heads and made em vote their preferred way

its no wonder the CIA are so cross (-:
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