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What happens when a central bank goes bust?

"...the hands of four men who control roughly 75% of the entire world money supply:
■Zhou Xiaochuan, People’s Bank of China
■Mario Draghi, European Central Bank
■Haruhiko Kuroda, Bank of Japan
■Ben Bernanke, US Federal Reserve"

"Lehman Brothers famously went under in 2008 because they had insufficient capital. They had assets of $691 billion, and equity of just $22 billion… about 3%."

"■US Federal Reserve: $54 billion in capital on $3.57 trillion in assets, roughly 1.53%. This is actually less than the 1.875% capital they had in December. So the trend is getting worse.
■European Central Bank: 3.69%
■Bank of Japan: 1.92%
■Bank of England: 0.843%
■Bank of Canada: 0.532%"

"But to paraphrase Tony Deden of Edelweiss Holdings, if you dispute the validity of gold as a hedge against declining fiat currency, that makes you, by default, a paper bug. Can you really afford to be confident in this system?"
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Bargain Hunting Central Banks Snapped Up Gold in June. WSJ
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