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Liberty craziest morning of 2012!

So the dropped off a new power pole, I need my med and the cat needs cat food- So plot this out- each place I need to go opens at a different time- get the day in swing- THE CAT NEEDS FOOD! She wont even eat chicken she wants cat food!

So I bolt out close to 8am driving like a mofo- 3 people on my tail- then I blew a red light- no ticket- so cool- gets the paper rx- good- head back across the river- another car on my ass. Ok- get the cat food- the pharmacy opens at 8:30, so I slowly do that- small talk with the cashier- I am good to arrive at pharmacy 8:30 AM- they know my drill there- they EXPECT it- we place test the ins company to see if they will play game- gets out of the car--ROGER! Some guy yelling at me. So said hello- I have no idea who this is. He asked do I know who this is? I said no- can you refresh my memory? This is Bob he said- I sank! I mofo lived with this guy for 7 years 14 years ago- he aged FUCK. I have aged. How do you live with someone and have no idea who they are after 14 years??
We chatted.

Popped in the pharmacy of play insurance roulette- HELL YEAH_ it goes
thru. So stunned over Bob it is all a blur- the cat needs cat food right?

Gets home- unloads the car- in the house- phone rings- cant get there in bath room- runs down- I am certain is is someone who seen me pull in my driveway- fuck- missed it- put the machine on- ROGER I NEED HELP- something is wrong- my 79 year old neighbor- come over right away!! I panic- the phone rings again I ignore if and run out the door- EXTREME pain- needs help- ...we just got back from the doctor. I love how the MRI triggered this episode. But the cat needs cat food!

Bob knew where I lived the last 14 years- he walks by my house- he loves to walk- Never said hello. today he says hello. WTF FOR!

Emotions gone crazy. We did not exchange info.

My guess is he wants to move in with me.


I seen a ghost today. Someone I lived with for 7 years- aged so much I had no idea who he was!! What a mind trip!

Then what motivates people?

I am home now- the neighbor was a false alarm- but I am glad I helped- the cat has finally been fed!

Crazy shit.

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But did you feed the cat!?!?!
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All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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LOL- yes- she ate. ! I never seen a cat not eat chicken.

I am glad the neighbor is ok.


I left the part out about the cell phone- I lost it- I could play game on it while in the waiting room- right- wrong- I must have dropped it- No big deal- my plan ends Dec 1- so no real loss.

A few minutes ago I see it on my stand. Not that it has any value- I did not need some stranger calling people in my contact list who could be mentally unstable- if that makes sense!

And watch- that power pole will sit there for 3 weeks before they install it!!


I dont really want to tell him to get lost in case I would need to move someone in--

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