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Uneasy parallels

I was doing a bit of reading on the Spanish-American war:

Things going on in that part of history covered in the article...
1) Third party threat to the Rep/Dem monopoly
2) Anti Wall Street public
3) Using yellow journalism (lies) in the mainstream media
4) Starting a war for profit/gain

Odd parallels to modern times indeed...

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Looks to me like history repeating itself for the umpteenth time.
If you keep doing what you are doing, You will keep getting what you are getting.
If you don't like what you are getting, You must change what you are doing.

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Originally Posted by mmerlinn View Post:
Looks to me like history repeating itself for the umpteenth time.
The one thing we do not learn from history is ... that we do not learn from history.
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It's really pretty pathetic. Very few people I talk to even know there were three world trade center towers to fall. Once I got called on the carpet for making things up and scaring the customers, since everyone knows there were only two towers. My wife is filipina. Masters, seven languages, blah blah blah. She has lived in four countries that have collapsed into anarchy. She sees the parallels here; her only comment is that the United States is over; Americans are stupid and won't believe anything is wrong until it happens.

Note: many of the local hospital professionals are filipina/filipino and are sending their children out of the country. They see whats coming.

This month a movie called "Amigo" is coming out about the Spanish/American war in the Philippines (it's been out a year in asia). Detailing the tens of thousands of women and children we happily killed in the Philippines. That was the Method of operation for the US, kill all the women and children. hasn't changed much.

Throughout the entire war American soldiers would write home about the horrors and atrocities which the United States committed in the Philippines. In these letters they would criticize General Otis and the U.S. military; when these letters reached anti-imperialist editors they became national news and forced the War Department to look into their truthfulness. Two of the letters went as follows:

A New York-born soldier: “The town of Titatia [sic] was surrendered to us a few days ago, and two companies occupy the same. Last night one of our boys was found shot and his stomach cut open. Immediately orders were received from General Wheaton to burn the town and kill every native in sight; which was done to a finish. About 1,000 men, women and children were reported killed. I am probably growing hard-hearted, for I am in my glory when I can sight my gun on some dark skin and pull the trigger (Benevolent Assimilation, p. 88).”[90]
Corporal Sam Gillis: “We make everyone get into his house by seven p.m., and we only tell a man once. If he refuses we shoot him. We killed over 300 natives the first night. They tried to set the town on fire. If they fire a shot from the house we burn the house down and every house near it, and shoot the natives, so they are pretty quiet in town now.”[90]


seems they forgot to teach this to my children in school. Seems that now 50% of the schools here are failing federal guidelines. But thats another rant.

remember, no child left behind means every child left behind.
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chilling Jay

and we teach our soldiers that its good to do this .......

having learnt how to manage the media when this sort of 'cleansing' op is happening.
if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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