1. DoChenRollingBearing

    Review of American Hard Assets -- Issue 3

    ... I was very happy to get this issue last Friday in the mail. I hope that the rumors of its death prove to be premature... This edition of the magazine somewhat focuses on security themes (including an article "just what you would expect" from DHS: "Trade-Based Money Laundering"), but there...
  2. DoChenRollingBearing

    American Hard Assets -- Issue No. 2

    ... American Hard Assets ("AHA") just came out with their second issue. The Cover Story is about diamonds, there is another related story about colored diamonds, which have been moving way up in price in recent years. Diamonds are NOT drop-dead easy investments like gold (even a brainless...
  3. DoChenRollingBearing

    American Hard Assets -- a new magazine!

    ... By chance I found American Hard Assets at Barnes & Noble yesterday, this issue is their first one here in the USA. It is also their "Gold Issue", with several articles on gold, especially owning the physical as we here are prone to do... If there are some among us who only like to look at...
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