American Hard Assets -- Issue No. 2

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American Hard Assets ("AHA") just came out with their second issue. The Cover Story is about diamonds, there is another related story about colored diamonds, which have been moving way up in price in recent years. Diamonds are NOT drop-dead easy investments like gold (even a brainless Bearing can understand gold).

"AHA" is a magazine aimed at the wealthy, also those who COLLECT stuff. You need $$$ to collect anything of quality... Coins, wines, art.

It is a glossy magazine that last I saw it (six weeks ago, Issue No. 1) that went on sale at B & N. I got a subscription.
Make sure you guys check out the first two issues and subscribe! Full issues will not be available starting with issue three!

Would love to answer any questions about the magazine or sign you guys up for a "Bill Me" subscription.
Thanks AHA and welcome to our forum. :wave:
Very interesting site AHA. I like the layout and the easy navigation. Although the magazine is clearly designed for high net worth individuals, there is a great deal of interesting comment nonetheless.
Sorry for not responding!

American Hard Assets is alive and well!

The AHA they are referring to is AHA.Investor, the Australian version of our publication.

If you want to check us out, we will be launching a new, easy to navigate and read website with all of the up-to-date information from the industry, next week!

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know!
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