1. pmbug

    What is Risky In Life - Zero Reserve or Full Reserve Banking?

    Since the inception of the Federal Reserve System, our fractional reserve banking system has steadily degraded reserve ratio requirements until they finally just did away with them altogether and ushered in our brave new era of zero reserve banking. Banks are not tasked with maintaining any...
  2. Goldhedge


    This series is quite informative. ROTHSCHILD FAMILY HISTORY The thread will include all major events that has involved the family from 1743 – Present Day. From the creation of the Illuminati, Central Banks, Wars and more. anon_fa_mous Jul 22...
  3. pmbug

    Fed Governor Proposes Reorganizing Banks Deemed "Too Big to Fail"
  4. DCFusor

    IRS horror story - happened to me just now

    I maintain 2 accounts at TDAmeritrade - I switched from Merril Lynch after the crash as they had me buying every dip on the way down. I had received a crazy enormous bill from the IRS, due to their figuring of a cost basis of zero for every stock I ever sold, and I'm an active trader - I might...
  5. B

    Basel III: Gold to be considered for Tier 1 status "The Basel Committee for Bank Supervision (or BCBS) as part of the BIS are arguably the highest authority in banking supervision and it is their role to define capital requirements through the forthcoming...
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