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    First Spouse coins

    Ok so i've been doing a little buying here and there and i recently bought a Jackie Kennedy coin for my mother. I like the fact that they are 24k but it doesn't seem like there is a real demand for them. I've seen some sights and ebay that you can buy the earlier one (i.e. '07's) for close to...
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    Gold spot thoughts??

    So i'm dragging my feet over here ahead of Wednesday's FOMC meeting trying to anticipate how low spot will go... Any one want to throw out a prediction? (NOT HOLDING YOU TO IT)
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    Gold Eagle purchase

    I'm looking to buy a significant amount of gold but i'm hesitant because i'm not sure what to expect going forward... Should i wait? If so, how low will it go??
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    Silver bullion

    What are some of the better buys you guys are seeing on silver bullion? Wait times??
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    Ron Paul is Still Buying Gold

    Heres a video explaining why gold will continue to rise and regain its true value once the fed stops creating fake growth. Let me know your thoughts. This youtube account had other ones by Peter Schiff but this one is my fav regarding this topic
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