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I'm looking to buy a significant amount of gold but i'm hesitant because i'm not sure what to expect going forward...

Should i wait? If so, how low will it go??
You can always dollar cost average your way in over a period of time. No one knows for sure how low it will go or how long it will take to get there (or if any physical will be on shelves when we do).
The best time to buy gold is anytime you can afford to. I wish I could just plunk down the cash for a tube of 1ozt CGM's or AGE's on a regular basis but for now I'll have to settle for a few gold fractionals here and there and tube of CSM's or ASE's here and there.
James Rickards said:
Is gold off the bottom?

No one knows for sure. If the Fed raises interest rates on Thursday (which we do not expect), the effect will be highly deflationary and gold prices could move lower, at least temporarily.

Conversely, if the Fed doesn’t raise rates and offers some reason to believe it won’t raise them for the foreseeable future (so-called “forward guidance”), then gold prices could rally in anticipation of inflation.

It’s unfortunate that markets are now reduced to reading Janet Yellen’s mind. But that’s what happens after seven years of market intervention and central planning by the Federal Reserve.

Using my system, which combines complex dynamic systems analysis with unique access to relevant information, we’re able to draw some useful inferences about the future path of gold prices. Our estimate is that gold has now found a bottom and is poised to move steadily upward from current levels.

I sure don't know about gold, but I feel weird about PM's in general, with a bias for silver. Something tells me that another battering ram this way comes, as an unwind is in the offing. The bucket shop is tipping their hand, what with the see saw ride we've been watching unfold in the crazy town that Wall Street has become recently. Just as it did back in '08, the market is acting neurotic, swinging like an ape in a tree, except the PPT seems to have it's back a little bit better, not letting it fall too hard, but still letting it fall here and there. One of these days, the HFT boys will pull back and simply watch as she drops, and they won't step back in. That's when PM's drop like a rock, because everyone will need to sell their paper to cover margin.

At least that's what this rank amateur thinks.


I also like gold, and have for a very long time.

PMBug gives some great advice above, start buying some, and ease your way in through time (dollar cost averaging). If gold goes down (and it does about half the time), then you can buy a little more each time (or buy a fixed weight a little cheaper). If gold goes up, then at least you bought some when the price was lower.

You're a winner either way! And give yourself some time and discipline (say buy some each month), and your pile will grow nicely!


I'm looking to buy a significant amount of gold but i'm hesitant because i'm not sure what to expect going forward...

Should i wait? If so, how low will it go??

How distant is forward?

What, do you expect.

If you own now, where will worry be placed.

Half now, half later, ensures you possess half.
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