1. pmbug

    gold etfs inflows and outflows
  2. pmbug

    ETF re-hypothecation of gold and the MSM

    Come and see the re-hypothecation inherent in the system: More: :flail:
  3. B

    Gold ETF redeemable for Gold Bullion? Marketing ploy? Would they be able to survive a "run on the bank" type situation? Does this feature make them more/less/same attrative than a regular ETF?
  4. S

    [Video] Managing Director of GLD owns physical and miners

    Funny video, Managing Director of GLD owns physical and miners :doodoo: Just in case you forgot about LBMA "rules", see here: Also note that he contradicts the prospectus which says that trust pm...
  5. pmbug

    Now we see the violence inherent in the system; india gold etfs The increased import duty has already been announced. :flushed: I thought Indians as a whole were smarter than this. :paperbag:
  6. E

    Gold ETF's - IAU etc

    I am new here. Thank you for providing this resource. I travel quite often as a result it is very difficult for me to hold physical gold. I have been researching other options. All have some pros and cons. ETF's seem appealing for their liquidity and ease of use. I have read that this GLD has...
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