gold standard

  1. pmbug

    What happened in 1971?

    Saw this website this morning. Kudos to whoever set it up. also
  2. searcher

    Three Congressmen Introduce Gold Standard Bill to Stabilize the Dollar's Value

    Three Congressmen Introduce Gold Standard Bill to Stabilize the Dollar's Value Posted on April 4th, 2023 Washington, DC - As America faces the twin threats of inflation and bank failures, three U.S. congressmen introduced a pivotal sound money bill that would enable the Federal Reserve note...
  3. Goldbrix

    Central banks continue to purchase gold - Gold Standard Restoration Act

  4. E

    James grant and gold standard

    Saw this article on yahoo...
  5. pmbug

    Newt's proposed Gold Commission I'm encouraged that Newt's proposed commission doesn't appear to be designed to bury the idea again. Asking Lehrman and Grant to head the commission shows a serious intent. I still think enacting HR 1098 is a...
  6. pmbug

    Steve Forbes Predicts a Return to the Gold Standard Within Five Years

    HR 1098 holla!
  7. D

    monetary abstractions

    Obviously the currency we are forced to use now represents a lurid combination of dent and nothing. However, in the past much of the world's currency represented real amounts of precious metals, even if the currency itself was made of paper (or digital for that matter). It was then needed to...
  8. pmbug

    Ron Paul and HR 1098: Free Competition in Currencies

    It seems painfully obvious to me that given events that are shaping the future for the US Dollar, we are headed for a currency crisis. Most pundits in the financial media, at least the ones who dare to discuss this topic, usually point to two options - default on the debt or monetize the debt...
  9. pmbug

    Rasmussen poll on a return to a gold standard

    More: The original source for this article is behind a pay wall: I hope...
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