1. pmbug

    Greek exit coming soon

    Looks like it's on like Donkey Kong... More: Fitch and Moodys both were busy downgrading Greece, Spain and Euro bank credit ratings over the last couple of days.
  2. pmbug

    Greece's barter economy - a sign of things to come? Clearly, such a terrorist network needs to be shut down by the internet police. /sarc
  3. pmbug

    The Greek tipping point and zee price stability

    Markets are currently "risk on" in the belief that the eurozone issues are solved for the short term as discussed in the recent platinum/palladium discussion. Rumors abound that Greece is about to completely capitulate their last vestige of true wealth. However, we've watched this saga with...
  4. DoChenRollingBearing

    Greece, their gold & their debts

    I just read a new piece over at Zero Hedge about how Greece apparently has agreed (or sort of agreed, I really do not know) to allow them to pay (part?) of their debts with their gold. I would be interested in anyone's take on this who is following the story more closely than I have. It seems...
  5. S

    Senior US Bankers Have Timetable for Greek Default (23rd March)

    So this article is incredibly interesting if it is to be believed, and frankly it just cements what seems to be going on in Europe at the moment anyway. If you were thinking of buying gold over the next couple of months, doing so before this default happens might be a smart idea. Especially if...
  6. bushi

    RUMOR: Greece out of Eurozone?

    ..."in as orderly fashion, as it would be only possible": See this as you like it fit :) On my part, I've heard some birds twittering about similar preparations going on here in Ireland. Better...
  7. pmbug

    Lines to Withdraw Deposits Queue Up as Run on the Banks starts in Greece

  8. pmbug

    Wi not trei a holiday in Greece this yer?

    See the loveli lakes The wonderful telephone system And mani interesting furry animals More (including links to more news/resources):
  9. pmbug

    Greece is selling it's soul (or sovereignty) to the devil (debt)

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