1. B

    Gold-Silver Ratio

    86.5/1 as of this post. Anyone doing any trading?
  2. S

    Gold / Silver Ratio

    On "Favorite place to buy PMs", benjamen said: Didn't quite know what he meant so I kept reading and saw reference to gold/silver price ratios. I couldn't find a readily available chart, so I went to Kitco's site to gold and silver spot pricing from June 2002 to today (in quarterly...
  3. B

    How to select which metal to buy and sell

    Disclaimer: I have posted this elsewhere on the internet, so some of you may have already seen this. The numbers in the examples are as of the end of January, but still apply as an illustration. Assumptions: 1) Precious metals are not an investment; They are a store of value. 2) When the money...
  4. pmbug

    Long term View of the Gold/Silver ratio

    More: Trader Dan posits that the GSR will fall as inflation expectations grow. Essentially, (explicit) QE3 = silver rocket fuel. Combined with Sprott's buying spree, we may indeed see a replay of early 2011.
  5. E

    Gold to Silver Ratio - what should it be?

    Curious what you guys think on the Silver vs Gold debate. Any good debates about that here? What ratio of silver to gold holdings makes sense. Been reading some interesting stuff from Sprott about supply / demand of silver looks very compelling. May main concern is central banks own gold, not...
  6. pmbug

    Indian market analysts see gold to silver ratio falling
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